Why Is My Babycook Leaking?

Why Is My Babycook Leaking?
Jodi Harris

Leakage can be caused by a variety of issues. It is best to check each one to ensure your product is working properly.

Check the gasket and ensure that it is properly assembled under the knife blade. The gasket should be mounted with the thin edge of the gasket touching the metal part of the bowl. Please watch the video below to make sure that your gasket is properly attached to the blade and bowl. If there is no gasket underneath the blade or if the gasket is worn out or ripped, you must replace the gasket.

Proper attachment of the blade, gasket and locking nut If your Babycook® is leaking or not blending, you may just need a little tutorial on how to secure the blade to the bowl. Watch this video and try to imitate what we do. Note: Please be careful. Never touch the sharp metal blade itself.

The bowl is cracked or broken. There is a significant gap between the silicone nozzle on the outside of the steam reservoir and the bowl lid so some steam comes out, creating water drops along with casing. Replace the bowl if excessive amounts of water are escaping. However, some water droplets are normal.

There is no nut on the knife blade. Reattach the nut. Correctly fasten the nut with the flat side in contact with the metal part of the bowl and turn the nut counter-clockwise.