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Why is my Babycook not steaming?

Why is my Babycook not steaming?
Jodi Harris

1. Babycook may not be properly plugged in.
2. The bowl lid and the bowl are not correctly attached. Lock the bowl and the bowl lid by turning them counter-clockwise until you hear it click. The appliance is then fully engaged.
3. The heating function button is not turned on (to the left). Turn the knob to the “on” position—to the left. Then turn the button back to the O position after cooking.
4. There is no water in the steam heating compartment. Add the correct measure of water to the steam heating compartment (the water goes in the tank NOT the bowl).
5. If Babycook is not heating and you have ruled out the above causes, the heating element or thermostat may not functioning properly. In this case, either the base or the whole product may need to be replaced.  It is very important to turn off the appliance when finished steaming. Leaving the product on for long periods of time could cause the thermostat to become overheated, which will in turn diminish the useful life of the product. It is best to always turn Babycook off and unplug it when not in use.