Why Is My Babycook Not Steaming?

Why Is My Babycook Not Steaming?
Jodi Harris

Babycook® may not be properly plugged in. Check that the appliance is properly plugged into a standard polarized outlet with power. The polarized plug is intended to reduce the risk of electric shock. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.

The bowl lid and/or the bowl are not correctly attached. When positioned on the base, turn the bowl clockwise until you hear a click and the bowl will not turn any further. Then make sure the lid is also locked by re-opening it and then closing it while pressing on the rubber arrow on top of the locking arm that holds the lid until you hear a click.

You have not pressed the round steam button. You will know that the button is pressed and a heat cycle is in progress when the steam button is back-lit.

There is no water in the steam heating compartment. Add the correct measure of water to the steam heating compartment (the water goes in the tank NOT the bowl).

If Babycook® is not heating and you have ruled out the above causes, the heating element or thermostat may not functioning properly. In this case, either the base or the whole product may need to be replaced. Please contact us so that we may assist you with this issue.