BÉABA Partners With BBC Breakfast Dietitian

BÉABA Partners With BBC Breakfast Dietitian
Jodi Harris

BÉABA, has teamed up with UK specialist registered dietitian and media spokesperson, Nichola Ludlam-Raine, AKA @mummynutrition, a specialist registered dietitian and media spokesperson, to help parents during the weaning process, together with promoting the health and nutrition benefits of homecooked foods.

Nichola, who can often be spotted sharing her nutrition know how to the nation on the infamous BBC Breakfast ‘Red Sofa’, is a big fan of Beaba’s products, including the revolutionary Babycook Neo, which she used when weaning her son, now 13-months. Nic is working with the brand to provide nutritional support, together with personal insight from her own weaning journey.

The weaning process is an important time for laying down the foundations for a lifetime of healthy eating. In partnership with Beaba, the published author and health and mummy blogger will create useful, step-by-step weaning videos, delicious and creative recipes, which are easy to make and will be available for live Q&A sessions via the Brand’s Instagram page.

Nichola Ludlam-Raine said: “I couldn’t be happier to be working with BEABA as I enter the second year of feeding my baby boy. I’ve used the Beaba Babycook NEO ever since he was 6-months-old, in addition to the Up & Down Highchair which is fantastic as it fits perfectly at our breakfast bar, as well as at the dining table, soft (unbreakable!) bowls and storage pots. Beaba’s products have made the first year of weaning my baby so simple and I can’t wait to share some of our favourite healthy recipes and top weaning tips too!”

“It’s my passion to create delicious and nutritious food combinations for my family so I am so excited to be able to share some of my favourites! I want to inspire parents to use different (but affordable) ingredients, flavours and textures at mealtimes and not to be scared to experiment!  Having the right equipment in place is so important. Not only will it make life easier, products such as the Beaba Babycook NEO help you to retain all the valuable vitamins and minerals that can be lost during the cooking process.