Bedtime Snacks Blog

Bedtime Snacks Blog
Jodi Harris

Bedtime Snacks – My Little Food Critic

Let’s talk about bedtime snacks – for some toddlers a small snack before bedtime can be helpful for a good night’s sleep, help with their bedtime routine to wind down and fill in any nutritional gaps.

They aren’t necessary for every child, however if your little one is often saying they are hungry before bedtime or there is a long gap between dinner and bedtime, then a little snack might just be what they need.

Some kids also have high energy needs, especially if they have a big play after dinner, then they might just need those extra calories before bedtime.

Top Tips for Bedtime Snacks:

  1. Keep it simple. Offer a snack that isn’t particularly exciting, if they are genuinely hungry, then they will eat it!
  1. Include a protein and healthy fat source to keep them full.
  1. Make it a part of their bedtime routine, so they know exactly what to expect.

Bedtime Snack Ideas:

Banana & Peanut Butter – this is quick, easy and balanced.

Fruit and yoghurt – this is really filling, and you could even purée the fruit and mix it into the yoghurt.

A smoothie – you can add some seeds or nuts for an extra protein boost.

Banana & Berry Smoothie

Cheese and veg – cucumber and cheese or carrots and cheese for a quick bedtime snack.

Hummus and veg. This is another easy option that will really fill them up.

Sweet Potato Hummus 

Granola bar or energy balls – you can batch make these and just pull them out of the freezer when needed.

Nut Free Energy Balls

Toast – you could add any toppings they like, peanut butter, cream cheese, hummus, avocado etc

Crackers and cheese

Cottage cheese and fruit