Learning Through Food – Geography

Learning Through Food – Geography
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From Classroom to Kitchen! #LearningOnLockdown


To support all you parents out there we’ll be doing #LearningOnLockdown – our foodie take on school subjects to give kids a fun, hands on approach to learning at home!

This week we’re focusing on Geography – 5 recipes for 5 countries!

Make these child friendly recipes with your little ones while discussing the country’s history, culture and food!

Freestyle Pizza

Country: Italy

Capital City: Rome

Hello in Italian: Ciao

Mexican Sweetcorn & Pea Fritters

Country: Mexico

Capital City: Mexico City

Hello in Spanish: Hola

Lamb Koftas

Country: India

Capital City: New Delhi

Hello in Indian: Nomaste

Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Country: China

Capital City: Beijing

Hello in Chinese: Ni Hao


Country: Lebanon

Capital City: Beirut

Hello in Lebanese: Marhaba