Introducing Spices To Babies & Toddlers

Introducing Spices To Babies & Toddlers
Jodi Harris

Introducing Spices To Babies & Toddlers–

Baby and toddler food shouldn’t be bland! Experimenting with a range of spices can help to expand their palettes and cultivate adventurous eaters who enjoy a range of flavours, textures and are excited by food!

Introducing bold flavours early on is essential as baby’s receptiveness to new tastes narrows as they get older. Broadening their palettes at a young age will hopefully result in appreciation of wholesome, flavoursome food and cultivate adventurous eaters!

Advantages & Benefits of Introducing Spices Early on:

1.               They add flavour and fragrance to food without the needed for added sweetness or salt.

2.               Younger palettes are more receptive to new flavours and enjoyment of different flavours will hopefully lead to adventurous eaters.

3.               Spices provide health benefits and can help fight cold and boost immunity.

4.               You can serve the same meal to the whole family, with minor modifications.

5.               Spices add dimension and depth to food, and you may find they enjoy food they wouldn’t usually eat!

How To Introduce Spices:

The key is to begin with aromatic spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, paprika, mint, cardamom, cumin and coriander. Avoid anything that is spicy, such as cayenne pepper as this may irritate and upset their tummies.

Also start with a small amount of spice and build up the quantity. Spices that have a strong flavour and aroma can overpower if used too generously.

Lastly, be persistent! Babies and toddlers often need a lot of exposure to something new, so don’t be put off if they reject new flavours at first.


Always be mindful of allergic reactions when introducing anything new to babies and toddlers.

Ensure any whole spices used when cooking are removed before serving.

Here’s a few of our recipes to try that contain spices:

Apple & Cinnamon Balls

Prawn Paella

Carrot Honey and Ginger Puree

Chicken Turnip & Coconut Curry