Babycook® Solo Express Essentials Bundle

Babycook® Solo Express Essentials Bundle

Babycook® Solo Express Essentials Bundle


Start your weaning journey with this Babycook ® Solo Express Essentials Bundle by BÉABA®, containing everything you need to help prepare and store baby’s food.
Babycook ® Solo Express Weaning Bundle comprise of:
Babycook® Solo Express Baby Food Steamer Blender
Babycook® Solo Express Pasta – Rice Cooker
Baby’s First Food Cookbook
Silicone Multiportions Weaning Storage Trays 6 x 90ml
£190 if bought separately

If you are looking for the fastest Baby Food Steamer Blender on the block but are also mindful of the environment, then look no further. The Babycook® Solo Express by BÉABA® has both Express and Eco cooking mode. With it’s large bowl and patented technology, you can steam, blend, defrost and reheat baby food enabling you to create delicious and nutritious meals within minutes.
BÉABA® Babycook® Pasta-Rice cooker is a cooking basket for rice, pasta, semolina, wheat, lentils and other starchy foods. It has the ideal capacity for cooking small quantities. Fits into the Babycook® bowl for fast and unsupervised cooking.
Your Baby’s First Food Recipe Cookbook by BÉABA® contains simple and creative recipes, created by Parent-chefs Christophe Saintagne and Laura Portelli. A perfect accompaniment to your Babycook®, it also includes a comprehensive nutritional framework by Laurence Haurat, psychologist and nutritionist.
BÉABA® Multiportions are the ‘must have’ accessory when starting to wean. Not only can they be used to store small portions of food, but you can also use them to make buns, ice lollies and even Yorkshire Puddings!


Babycook® Solo Express Baby Food Steamer Blender
• Practical 4-In-1 blender: Steam cooks, blends, defrosts, reheats.
• Gentle steam cooking and heat modulation: to preserve nutrients and flavours.
• 2 cooking modes: Express cooking mode to save time and Eco cooking mode : 30% less water and electricity consumption and 23% fewer CO2 emissions than the BABYCOOK® SOLO
• Large capacity: 1250ml bowl and 1000ml basket (Eco Cooking) / 980 ml (Express Cooking)
• In-curved double blade for varied textures adapted to the age of the child.
• Patented paddle within the steaming basket rotates every 30 seconds for faster cooking.
• Lid with double lining: For better insolation and even faster cooking.
• Easy to use: Large water tank opening with magnetic lid and clear water level marks.
• Convenient: Beeps, flashes and automatically switches off at the end of cooking.
• Accessories Includes: Blending/Smoothie lid, spatula, and recipe booklet.
• Care: Bowl & lid, blending/smoothie lid, basket, blade, mixing paddle: wash by hand or dishwasher. Body of device: clean with soft damp cloth. Do not immerse.

Babycook® Solo Express Pasta – Rice Cooker
• Basket for steam cooking suitable for all types of starchy foods (rice, pasta, wheat, lentils, etc.).
• Easy to remove from bowl using spatula.
• No need to supervise cooking.
• Dishwasher safe.

Baby’s First Food Cookbook
• Simple and creative recipes using your BÉABA® Babycook®.
• Recipes classified by season and age.
• Colourful illustrations of all recipes.
• Suggestions for adapting recipes for different ages.
• Written with Christophe Saintagne – Chef and Laurence Haurat – Nutritionalist

Silicone Multiportions Weaning Storage Trays 6 x 90ml
• Perfectly designed for freezing and storing home made baby foods – complete with lid.
• Up to 6 servings of 90ml.
• High-grade silicone material which will not deteriorate over time.
• Fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

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