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Dry ‘n’ Snack Baby Food Dehydrator

Dry ‘n’ Snack Baby Food Dehydrator

Dry ‘n’ Snack Baby Food Dehydrator


Introducing the Dry ‘n’ Snack by BÉABA®. The newest kitchen companion for making healthy food for not only baby, but for the whole family.  With endless possibilities, dehydrating food not only  preserves vitamins and minerals better than cooked or boiled foods but it’s also better for the environment AND your purse!

Healthy, low  temperature cooking preserves vitamins and minerals.
Adjustable temperature from 35°C to 80°C .
Digital display and timer from 1 to 24 hours with automatic switch off.
See-through, magnetic closing door.

4 stainless steel trays and crumb tray.
Short date foods can be dehydrated rather than thrown away.

Endless possibilities:
o 6 months+: Dehydrate purees for travel and outings. Dehydrated fruits & veg can be ground and mixed with drinks or used as toppings.
o 12 months+: Dried snacks, crackers, fruit rolls, macaroons , granola bars to name but a few ideas.

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