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Feeding Gift Set

Feeding Gift Set

Feeding Gift Set


The gift box contains:
A Tree Drying Rack Its clever design makes it easy to dry bottles and accessories. It is hygienic with its draining tray. Stackable 3-compartmental formula milk container, 100% airtight and large capacity, it can store up to 9 doses of formula milk per compartment. It is practical with its pouring spout. A Silicone Bottle Brush, Its round brush and silicone bristles make it easy to clean any bottle shape avoiding scratches. It also has a supple textured tip to clean teats and accessories. An Evolutive Cotton Bib, long and wide, babies and children are better protected. With its T-shirt collar, it is easy to put on and can also be easily folded up for no-mess carrying.

Tree Draining Rack holds up to 6 bottles and accessories

Stackable 3-compartmental formula milk container 100% airtight to ensure doses can be preprepared for the day

Silicone Bottle Brush to clean bottles of all shapes

Evolutive Cotton Bib easy to slip on, and thanks to its elasticated T-shirt collar there is no risk of hurting children’s necks