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Silicone Meal Set (4 pcs)

Silicone Meal Set (4 pcs)

Silicone Meal Set (4 pcs)


Beaba Silicone meal set consists of a plate and a bowl with suction pad, baby cup and second stage spoon for baby to feed itself.

The set includes everything baby and parents need for weaning. The plate and bowl with suction pad to hold them in place. The suction pad has an easy release tab for parent to remove the item from the surface quickly and easily.

The Silicone meal set design and shape has been developed to help guide the scooping of food. The second stage spoon has a handle adapted to a child’s hand. It has an integrated support to avoid the spoon touching the table/tray for hygiene and cleanliness.

All items are suitable for dishwasher.

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